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avatar for Owain Davies

Owain Davies

Owain Davies is a Nottingham based Music Producer, VJ, Audio/Visual designer and Tenori-on performer.

Under the name MIDSR and (Last)Exile, Owain has produced Audio/Visual delights for performance and installation.
A big fan of Records, Videogame's and interactivity. (Last)Exile explores the possibilities of controlling light and sound through home brew interfaces, using Videogame controllers such as the wiimote to create interactive visuals and sound pieces for audience participation.

(Last)Exile has produced his own brand of Videogame inspired Bleeps, Blips and Beats as well as interactive visuals for Broadway Cinema, Digital Broadway, Radiator Festival, Sideshow Festival, LAB, University Radio Nottingham, GameCity6 Festival, Eric Chahi's Bootcycle and as the resident band at GameCityNights.

(Last)Exile's work combines music production with visual performance, live performance and forward thinking interface.