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avatar for Corrado Morgana

Corrado Morgana

University of South Wales
Academic Manager
London, United Kingdom
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An Introduction-pretentiously in the 3rd person

Corrado Morgana is an artist, electronic musician (semi-retired), curator and educator. He is currently programme leader for Computer Games Design at University of Wales Newport. His research project examines arts and videogames crossover practice, specifically transgressive and subversive production within existing game engines. Alongside HTTP/Furtherfield.org, an international media arts collective, he has co-curated 'Zero Gamer' and 'Game-Play', national touring exhibitions which explore game spectatorship and independent and experimental production.He has been involved in various large scale collaborative projects. These include Node.London a practical framework for media arts whose March 2006 season presented over 140 media arts events within London and also Open Congress at Tate which mapped free, libre and open source strategies onto general cultural production. He has produced video work, collaborative online projects and performed live electronica at various international venues, has dabbled in virtual reality research and has taught extensively about online practice. He has worked in a variety of digital guises from web developer to computer salesman. Most importantly he is an incorrigible gamer.

Well, there ya go!!